Pit Type Weighbridge

The company has stood remarkably high in the market in comparison its competitors by making competent products available to the customers. Pit type weighbridges manufactured by the company is an exemplar of the wide range of competitive products supplied by Vishwa weighing system. Every particular part assembled in order to deliver the final product is elected with utmost attention in compliance to the international norms and quality standards.

These type of weighbridges are more appropriate for the places with a limited space. The platform of the pit type weighbridges is in level with the ground and so it is amongst the most preferred weighbridge designs by the clients. The advantageous features of the pit type weighbridges manufactured by us are:

  • Our concrete weighbridges are designed in such a fashion that it has simplified its installation, operation and maintenance.
  • We offer pit-mounted weighbridges constructed from steel, pre-tested steel and steel concrete composite.
  • We do not leave the sight of our customers from the very first step of selling the product until the endmost step of its installation.

Not only does the company customize the product in order to comply with the specifications provided by the customers to deliver them the best output but it also believes in taking the responsibility in case of any sort disruption in its functioning.


  • Pit Type Weighbridge


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