Intelligent Terminal (I.T)

Weighbridge accessories are the equipment that just adds to the better functioning of the weighing products. These accessories complements the weighing systems by providing aid to their various functions. An Intelligent Terminal is one such accessory used in weighbridge applications, and helps in weighment report generation and printing the weighment data.

The advantageous features of an Intelligent Terminal supplied by the company are:

  • It has an uncomplicated and sleek design.
  • It does not require a high degree of knowledge for its operation because of its simplified design.
  • It is tamper proof i.e. designed in a way that you can see if anything has been changed, opened, removed, damaged or manipulation in the data has been done.
  • A very high degree of data can be stored in this device, decreasing the burden on the operators of keeping a record of the information manually.
  • The data flashing on the screen is easily readable because of the back-lit-LCD.
  • It provides with an option of various reports.

All the weighbridge accessories are made in accordance with the designs of the weighbridges, so that they can be easily attached with the freshly installed as well as the already existing weighbridges.



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