Axle Weighbridge

Axle weighbridges are light weighted weighbridges designed in such a manner that it can be easily placed on any compact surface. The designing of an axle weighbridge is simple and do not require a lot of effort in transferring from one place to another. This kind of weighbridge ispreferablein case of mines and factories where there is a requirement of quick installation. These weighbridges along with itself brings a humungous amount of benefits making its utilization a worthy experience for its clients:

  • The installation of this weighbridge is quite simple because of its not so complicated and light weighted design.
  • Also, as it do not weigh too much it can be easily transmitted to distinct locations as per the requirements of the clients with a small sized pickup truck.
  • It has a rugged structure which is responsible for its longer functioning.
  • These weighbridges are lightening resistant.
  • The installation does not take more than a day and the civil work takes just 3-4 days.

Vishwa weighbridge system provides even better deals for this product. We provide axle weighbridge at a lower cost in comparison to other weighbridge supplying companies and simultaneously make sure that no compromises are being done with the product’s quality.



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