Pit Less Weighbridge

These are the weighbridges which do not require a foundation to be built for its installation. Our company is a prominent supplier of pit less type of weighbridges which are brought into use generally at places where pit construction is strenuous and high-priced. These type of weighbridges requires a spacious location for its installation. We deal extensively in pit less weighbridges, providing our customers with the value product for a lifetime experience.

In comparison to other types of electronic weighbridges, pit less weighbridges incorporates some features which makes it more usable than others:

  • Elimination of the expenses on pit digging, making it feasible for the installation of the weighbridge in order to bring it to an operable status. Hence it lessens down the capital cost incurred during the pit construction.
  • There is zero possibility of water logging due to its pit less type of design i.e. its platform remains above the ground level and thus does not allow the water to stand.
  • As all the parts of this type of weighbridge are in our access, the maintenance of its parts can regularly be done very easily.
  • The clients are not loaded with the responsibility of maintaining its pit as it does not have one.


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