Pocket Scale

Pocket scales as the name specifies are the weighing scales which are so small in size that they can easily ones pocket and can be used anywhere where laboratory machines are not available. This type of weighing scale are used specifically for weighing medicines, jewelry and powder. This weighing device due to its uncomplicated design is easy to use and can be carried comfortably to places. Pocket weighing scale because of its small size is very uniquely designed and consists:

  • A mini platform where small objects are placed for weighment.
  • The display shows the weighing results as indicated by the sensors in the weighing device.
  • The device incorporates a rechargeable battery.
  • There is a back light in the LCD display which makes the data displayed easy to read.
  • Weighing capacity of this type of weight measuring scale is 0.001 gram to 300 grams.

This type of scale is light in weight and allows easy interface with the PCs. These weighing devices have replaced the traditional method of weighing commodities which has made the weighing process quicker by reducing the time consumed in weighing them through the traditional methods. The company make relentless efforts to make things simpler for their customer and pocket scale is an example of such effort.


  • Pocket Scale

  • Pocket Scale


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