RCC Weighbridge

RCC weighbridge is weighbridge which stands on a very strong and cost effective concrete platform. It is more beneficial to choose a concrete platform system for the weighbridge having a life of almost 100 years over a steel foundation platform having a life span of hardly 15 years. Installation of a RCC weighbridge brings along with numerous advantages such as:

  • The price of RCC weighbridge is quite economical in comparison to that of steel weighbridge.
  • The structure of this type of weighbridge requires minimal maintenance.
  • Unlike the steel structured weighbridges these weighbridge do not require regular painting, oiling, greasing etc.
  • In case these concrete platform weighbridges the chances of movement/vibration of the platform is negligible. Therefore, the accuracy in results is more.
  • Lightening plays a crucial role in the damage of load cells but in case of these weighbridges the lightning impact is minimum because of the concrete platform.
  • The movement of the vehicle can be controlled because of the rough surface provided by the concrete platform.
  • The construction of this type of weighbridge is done the location itself and so the clients can ensure the quality then and there.

We, Vishwa Weighing System being a dominant brand in the market place for our weighing instruments are very particular about the goodwill of our company and so hire specialized personnels for building the RCC weighbridges.


  • RCC Weighbridge


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