RS-232 Weight indicator

Weighing accessories are the instruments which along with weighing devices simplifies and completes the weighment process. Vishwa weighing systems along with its wide range of weighbridges manufactures and supplies the weighbridge accessories catering to the additional requirements of the weighbridges. The designs of all the products supplied by the company are rust proof because of the usage of stainless steel. In case of simple weighments when the vehicle comes on the platform the operator is only able to see the weighment. But the RS-232 facilitates the customers its interface with the PC’s or printers which helps in getting data in printed form.

  • Each of Vishwa’s weigh indicators features easy to read and bright display.
  • This accessory of weighbridge has a simply designed keypad which can easily be operated.
  • RS-232 weight indicators provides accurate and more reliable measurements.

The company provides a wide range of weight indicators depending upon the specifications provided by the customers. Vishwa Weighing System has a weight indicator for all your operations from a truck scale weighing to other complex processes. It has an elementary design, which do not require professionals to operate it rather a person with no knowledge about machines can use after a small brief of its functioning.


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