Truck Weigh In Motion

A truck weigh in-motion weighbridge helps in weighing an entire truck with freight loaded or unloaded. This product by our company, Vishwa Weighing System provides the luxury of weighing the truck while they are not in a static position. This feature of a truck weigh in-motion weighbridge overcomes the problems faced through the traditional method of static weighing. This type of weighbridge cuts down the wastage of time and fasten the weighing process.

Our company being an affluent manufacturer of these weighbridges, manufactures those using avant-garde techniques of production for delivering quality product. The weighbridges manufactured by our well recognized firm are assembled keeping in our conscience specifications provided by our clients. The truck weigh in-motion weighbridges have several benefits of its own:

  • Important for the preservation of highway systems by providing accurate results.
  • Enables the weighing of a large number of vehicles on daily basis.
  • It is brought in use keeping in mind the safety of the road users.
  • It automatically records the weight and image of the vehicle making it possible to verify if required.
  • The weighing system operates all by itself and do not require a personnel to keep a track all the time.

  • Truck Weigh In Motion

  • Truck Weigh In Motion


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