Unmanned Weighbridge

Unmanned weighbridges as the name suggests refers to the type of electronic weighbridges which do not require and specialized operator to keep them functioning. The self-functioning feature inherited by these type of weighbridges cuts down the labour cost that is mostly high in case of other electronic weighbridges type.

The unmanned weighbridges brings with itself certain advantages which segregate it from the other type of electronic weighbridges:

  • The chances of mistakes during weighment falls down to almost negative because of its automatic functioning design which is pretty normal in case of weighbridges operated manually.
  • This type weighbridge is more usable than others as it do not require a personnel to keep a check on its functioning and operates entirely itself.
  • The results in case of these weighbridges are more accurate than that of other type of manually handled weighbridges.
  • Unmanned abridged because of such a design makes the weighment process of the vehicles speedy.
  • Amongst the various positive features of this type weighbridge there is one more attribute that just adds on to the plus points of using this weighbridge which is its function of automatically taking a photograph of the vehicle during the weighment. This reduces the possibilities of mistakes and manipulation in the result.

Ever since our company, Vishwa weighing system came into operable since it has not once failed in keeping its customers satisfied and that’s all because of its team dedicated and skillful workers working day in and day out to deliver the best to the customers.



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