Weigh pad

A weigh pad is very light weighted and can be placed at any compacted surface for weighing. The designing of the weigh pads is such that they can be easily transferred from one place to another by just one person. The platform used for this is so small on which the axles of the vehicle are weighed one by one and the sum total of these gives the final weight of the vehicle. The specifications of a weigh pad manufactured by our organization are:

  • Aluminum alloy of great strength is used for constructing it.
  • Each weigh pad have the power of holding 20 ton.
  • 560ohms+/-50 ohms is the input/output resistance of the weigh pad.
  • The temperature at which it can operate is -10 deg C to +55 deg C.
  • Its overloading capacity is 200% full-scale.
  • Its weight with and without ramps is 52 lbs and 42 lbs respectively.

This type of weighing system is brought into use for detecting the highway overload system hence performing the duties of the highway administration or that of a traffic police. It is capable of providing highly accurate results in case of dynamic weighing. Its interface helps in procuring the data on the computer.


  • Weigh pad

  • Weigh pad


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